This Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of personal data provided by Users when they access, browse or make use of the functions of the Website accessible from URL (known henceforth as the Website).

When any personal data has to be supplied for using or requesting any service, users must guarantee its truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and current validity. In this respect, it shall be the users’ obligation to keep the data updated in such a way that this reflects the real situation at all times.

Collection of data, purposes, lawful basis and storage periods:

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy means that the User allows GRP Executive Search, S.L. (known henceforth as either “GRP” or the Owner), with tax number B66630898 and registered office in C/ Casp Num.21, P.1 Pta.1, 08010 Barcelona, as owner of the Website, to process his or her data for the purposes stipulated below:

1. Contact: the User may get in touch with GRP by means of the form set up for this purpose on the Website. GRP will use that data to handle the enquiry and contact the User.
The legal basis for processing this data is the User’s consent.
The period for which the data will be stored for this purpose will be five years, unless other periods are applicable.

2. Work with us: the User may submit his or her candidacy to join the GPR team. To this end, in the section of the Website known as “CAREERS”, the form for this purpose will have to be filled in, or an email may be sent to the Owner at the email address given. The data supplied will be processed for the purpose of handling the user’s candidacy, managing their participation in processes for selecting staff for GRP.
The legal basis for this processing is the User’s consent.
The storage period for the data will be five years.

3. Contact over professional social networks: in the event of GRP having got in touch with you by means of the data you have published on professional social networks, such as “Linkedin”, we wish to inform you that the public data in your profile will be processed by GRP to inform you of the existence of a job offer matching your profile, in view of your professional characteristics. The legal basis for this processing is the lawful interest of GRP, since the social networks from which GRP collects your data (“Linkedin” and other similar networks) have a manifest intention to interconnect professionals essentially for occupational purposes. In the event of not answering the contact made by GRP we will proceed to erase your data.
In the event of your agreeing to take part in a selection process, your data will be processed for the purposes of managing that selection process, in which case we inform you that the data from your curriculum, and any other data resulting from the selection process, may be made known to our customer in the final stage of that process.

4. Cookies: The Website has technology for inserting files known as cookies in the equipment which is used for accessing and browsing on the Website. Most of the cookies can be blocked or disabled at any time through the options for configuring the browser. If you would like further information you may consult our cookies policy . The legal basis for this is the User’s consent.
The storage time will depend on the type of cookie in question.

Communication of data

We wish to inform you that for managing candidates’ participation in the selection processes, GRP may pass on the candidate’s data to its customers for whom it provides the service of implementing the selection process. We also inform you that sometimes job offers come from customers not located in the European Union, in which case the selection process may entail processing of your data in countries which do not have a data protection system similar to the European one.

Exercising rights

Users may revoke their consent for processing, as well as exercising their rights of access, rectification, erasure, portability, opposition and limitation of processing at any time by informing GRP by means of an email sent to or stating this at the postal address given above, stating “Protección de Datos” in the subject line. In both cases the notification must have an official document enabling identification enclosed with this, to prevent access to your data by third parties. Users may lastly inform of any modification in writing or request deregistration, stating this at either of the addresses given.

Users may submit a complaint to the Control Authority at any time.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

GRP reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time, respecting data protection legislation in force and after properly informing the interested parties.

Language applicable to this privacy policy

The language applicable to this Privacy Policy is Spanish. Any version of this in any other language is supplied for the User’s convenience and to facilitate their understanding. This Privacy Policy will nevertheless always be governed by its Spanish version.

In the event of any contradiction between the Privacy Policy in any language and its Spanish version, the Spanish version shall prevail.


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