In the retail, consumer products, leisure, tourism and transport, the companies need to increase their competitiveness reviewing the excellence of their operative models, offering more sustainability, transparency in their customer experience and looking for new innovation and brand awareness including in emerging markets. GRP Executive search can support the company to identify high talented leaders that can bring their strategy to life.

Energy & Utilities

The new technologies and regulatory changes accelerate the business model transformation in order to meet the new customer needs. The companies will need to identify the leaders that will drive the transformation and manage the future opportunities linked to Emerging Markets and Sustainability.
Given our experience, we are well positioned to find the senior talent to reinforce their structures globally.

Financial Services

In a context of globalization and consolidation, our clients have to redefine their business model to align their organization, talents and offers to a new environment impacted by security, compliance and technological changes and by a constant evolving geopolitical context. Our client portfolio includes some of the most important banks worldwide: private banks, corporate banks, investment banks, asset and wealth management companies but also Fintech, consumer finance and payment companies.
The insurance sector is also widely evolving at present due to new regulations. This requires senior executives with very different skills than those usually related to Insurance. We have placed senior professionals in key positions that match perfectly this new situation and industry requirements.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences sector is characterized by its strategic transformation. It is a growing sector that needs the most competent professionals worldwide to lead transformation and innovation at the global scale. Data, digital mindset, transformative technologies, strategic partnerships and outsourcing are the new challenges that impact this fast changing sector with pricing constraints.
Our expert team has experience on searching top management talents that lead this transformation and impulse new operative and business models in the pharmaceutical sector.






The Industrial Sector is looking for innovative leaders that will drive the transformation of their business models in complex and very competitive environments. The globalization, outsourcing and emerging markets will require to identify and retain international talents that will impulse at the global level a strategy that will anticipate the new regulations, political and technologic changes. GRP Executive Search has the capacity to identify these exceptional profiles that will make the difference in the sector.

Professional Services

Some of the biggest consulting and advisory firms globally, trust us for searching their key players in very different areas: Strategy & Operations, Management and Technology Consulting in Financial services, Telecom, Media, Energy, Utilities, Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Travel and Leisure industries. We have completed relevant engagements that allowed these companies to implement their strategy and acquire and consolidate business including in other countries.
The legal industry is driven by change as the law firms are restructuring their services and organization to be more competitive, to face new topics like cybersecurity, data protection and to anticipate the baby boomer impact. GRP Executive Search assists laws firms with talent research.


The technology industry is growing fast in a context of persistent changes and global digitalization. Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will offer tremendous values for business. But the companies will have to manage their risk and disruptive potential. Rethinking the security, the client customization in real time, empowering the workforce and leading the new post digital area will require to identify and retain the key candidates in the sector.
GRP Executive Search has a broad experience in attracting the most talented profiles at the international level.

Telecom, Media and Entertainment

The Telecom sector is one of the most fast-moving and innovative sectors. It has to face new challenges and growing opportunities in m-payments, mobile connectivity for embedded devices, Smart City, Fifth Generation wireless and Internet of Things. The Media & Entertainment sector will follow the same growing perspectives due to development of new media platforms with streaming, pay TV, personalized content.
GRP Executive Search team has track record identifying key partners for these sectors.