Direct Executive Search
Our market knowledge and team of experienced consultants allow us to place key players who will add value to client operations at a senior level, nationally and internationally. Our consultants’ breadth and depth of relevant experience provide a solid platform for understanding critical business needs, allowing us to identify and recruit the market’s best talent for your organizations. GRP Executive Search’ collaborative approach to executive search is based on a strong understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issue our client face.

Executive Mapping
One highly successful strategy to build the most effective leadership teams is to identify gaps in the current human capital of your organizations, as it stands now, and the organization you plan it to be in the future. Talent mapping allows you to identify potential long-term hires for your organization so that executives are identified before they are needed, rather than in reaction to a pressing situation.

Salary Package Benchmarking
From the numerous conversations we have with candidates on a daily basis we are ideally placed to advise you on comparative remuneration level with peer companies around the world. This information can be used to benchmark clients against both its rivals and peers to ensure that you are offering attractive remuneration terms to your staff and potential staff.

Interim Executive Placement
By their nature, interim executives are uniquely positioned to add objectivity, detachment and depth to existing senior management teams. Their fresh perspectives can be invaluable. We deliver strategic value by matching a pre-screened, pre-qualified individual whom we have met and interviewed to our client’s precise need- often in as little as two weeks. The strength of our relationship with exceptional interim executive, forms the cornerstone of our success.

Independent advisors search
The growing and present need of companies to have in their ranks professionals with a wide experience in a particular sector, makes this type of professionals scarce and valuable. Our experience in the direct search of senior profiles and the relationship that we have maintained with them over the years allow us to offer an efficient and high quality independent advisor search. Always assuming the preferences and the particular situation of each of our clients, GRP Executive Search identifies people that can really bring a differential value, so that each organization can successfully take advantage of their  knowledge  and objective independent opinions.

Internal Recruitment
As a result of long standing relationships with our clients we introduced a range of services geared towards improving recruitment processes and helping companies to organize the best way their leadership teams. We identify key leaders in the organizations, focusing on any important areas of the business that are extremely critical and align leaders accordingly. We advise companies redefying departments or creating new organizational structures building up teams from scratch.